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My name is Misha Vinokur. I am a web developer, designer, t-shirt maker, entrepreneur, editor, and lover of all things digital. I enjoy creating digital experiences and I am always looking to work on new and exciting projects. Feel free to learn more about me, explore my blog, or view my work.

Recent Posts

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How to set up a local web development environment on your computer.

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How to group form data by field collections into a multidimensional array with PHP and HTML.

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JavaScript is a really great language for anyone learning web development. Today we will talk about is how to output JavaScript data.


"Misha is the most kind and flexible web developer I've ever met. Easy going and always up for a challenge!" Kelsey B. - Video Creator & Social Influencer
"Working with Misha is always a great experience. He is goal oriented, fun and respectful with everyone." Andrew Y. - Consultant
"Misha has a great sense of design and direction when it comes to creating digital and marketing products." Nalini P. - Marketing Specialist