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This website serves as a collection for my art and writing that I do during my spare time. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy!

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Newly created art and stories.

Image: The Window

The Window

A simple window with a cafe for a view.

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The Grand Oak Tree

The phone dropped from his hand as its screen shattered when it hit the hard floor. He felt as if someone knocked the wind right out of him. Everything was spinning; barely able to hold his balance, he fumbled into the chair next to him.

An Unlikely Meeting

Francisca Silva was captain of one of the most notable ships throughout the trade nations of Kuras. Her crew, the Teal Fúria, was loved and feared by the many merchants and pirates roaming the seas.

The Dilemma

Samual had no good choices. As he looked at the pinstriped suite man wielding the switchblade. If only he had couple more minutes.

Journal Entry, 63rd Day of Azilon

I was at the Bazar this morning, running my daily routines. It was when I left Mr. Samijaris Tunoco Stand did something odd happen.

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