Having had the opportunity to work on a number of projects, here are a some of my more notable and or recent ones.


A non-partisan aggregator for election related news.


A a flexible blogging engine that is easy to set up, requires no database, and has a built in admin.


A journalism tech startup that helped journalists discover unique stories from around the world that closed shop in 2016. In 2018 the name was later re-purposed for a civic chatbot.


A mobile app for individuals to share stories directly with journalists.

Atlas News Wire

A map-based newswire for journalists to visually discover breaking news stories from around the world.

Bulletin Promo Video

Explainer video for Openreporter’s mobile app.

David for Delegate

Political campaign website.


Framework for developers to easily deploy websites.

Start Up Entity Selector

Tool to identify the type of business entity one should look into when forming a business.


An on-demand geo-proximity search app that allows you to discover trending social media topics within a 3-mile radius of a given location.