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An Unlikely Meeting

Francisca Silva was captain of one of the most notable ships throughout the trade nations of Kuras. Her crew, the Teal Fúria, was loved and feared by the many merchants and pirates roaming the seas. Quick-tempered, standing six foot one, she invoked enough fear into the most formidable individuals, making her crew worthy of any job. 

"So, do you accept?" the man said, sitting at the tavern table. He was cautious but calculative. He had a lot betting on this. So much he needed to take out a loan just to cover the fee he was told to put up. 

Francisca leaned back and crossed her arms. She pondered the gentleman's proposition. It was not so much the task that caught her off-guard, but the amount of money the man was willing to pay for it. A job with a sum of this sort could only mean that it is somehow connected with a member of the Patriciate. If she was right, this meeting would occur in a more private setting and not the harbor tavern full of snitches and thieves.

"And if I say no?" Francisca leaned in, clasping her hands and placing her elbows on the table. The man took a swig from his mug, placing it down on the damp wooden tavern table. "Don't pretend like you have not already decided to accept. We both know you need the money. What would people say if they found out you were broke?" Grinning in pride for the damaging knowledge he had on her. She smirked. He was right. She and her crew needed the money, but he was a fool for saying it. "You obviously do not know how this works do you?"

The man looked up. "What do you mean?" as he took another swig, the last thing he saw was her fist knocking him out unconscious. The motionless body thudded backwards as she got up from the table, snatching the burlap sack of coins from the man's belt she assumed was her downpayment. 

She was not concerned about the people staring at her. Because everyone knows the first rule when you seek the services of Francisca Silva and the Teal Fúria is never say what she should do, that is for her to decide. Any fool who thinks they can will be made an example of. 

With a grin on her face, she exited the tavern and stopped to admire the night sky. The cool, crisp ocean air filled her lungs, the harbor glowed with a soft blue light from the bright moon. She closed her eyes to soak the moment in. As she heard the sounds of footsteps approach, she could not help but smile. "Captain Silva," she looked up to see a man in a black robe. "Please follow me. The Doge of Matrica would like to speak to you in private." Francisca gave the man a nod, placed her hand on her sword attached to her belt, and followed the gentleman towards the direction of the Patrician Palace.

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