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Journal Entry, 63rd Day of Azilon

I was at the Bazar this morning, running my daily routines. It was when I left Mr. Samijaris Tunoco Stand did something odd happen.

I usually keep my coin sack attached to the right of my belt next to my knife as a deterrent from prying thieves. And before I leave any place, I always pat my right side to hear a jingle knowing that everything is in place. Yet as I left the store a few steps out and into the sun-dried dirt street of the main Bazar, I looked down my bag of coin was now on my left.

I glance down and see everything is still there. Nothing was taken, just that somehow the bag was moved. Generally, if you get robbed, someone takes something from you, but for someone to just move the bag is far more unnerving. A trickster like this has more motive than a robber. I fear someone may be tracking me. For what purpose, I do not know. But I will write more tomorrow.

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