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The Dilemma

"Well, what is it going to be, friend?" Samual had no good choices. As he watched the man wearing the pinstriped suit casually play with the switchblade in front of him. If only he was a couple of inches closer, he could kick the led pipe and create a diversion for the two men pinning his arms behind his back. The man was looking at him inquisitively. Samual could not help notice his snakelike voice as he spoke.

The man stepped closer, subtlety waving his knife towards Samuel's chest. "Either you help us, or you die. Quite simple of a choice, no?" He hated his options, but he had no other choice, "Fine, I'll do it." The man gave a nod, and the two men dropped him to the ground. "Good, good, good. You see, things are better when people just simply cooperate, right? No blood, no mess, by the time you are done, this will all be over."

The man gave a half-crooked smile and waved towards the computer. "Now enter the password, and we will take care of the rest." Grudgingly Samual shuffled over and sat down at the terminal. The men did a good number on him, and he was pretty sure he had a few broken ribs. Grunting down, he looked at the screen. The red box with the words one more attempt before system lockout out was glaring at him.

He looked down at the computer clock. If only he had a couple more minutes back up would arrive, but he stalled as much as possible. No one would fault him for entering his passcode, though the consequences were dire. As he let out a big sigh, the room went dark.

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