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A collection of original artwork spanning multiple digital mediums leveraging diffrent styles and methodology.

An art dump of some of my more recent mid-modern cartoon style illustrations. 

As of late I have been quite fascinated with the cartoon style of the 40's and 50's. Also known as Cartoon Modern or mid-century cartoons.

I've been studying what is known as mid-century cartoon / UPA style. You may find this character familiar if you grew up watching Hanna Barbera-like cartoons or some earlier cartoon shorts / early 40s 50s commercials.

A fantasy pink tree forest. Done with procreate using colored pencil and watercolor.

Past few weeks, I have been working on an original character design. I'm not sure if it's 100% a cartoon reflection/interpretation of me, but something about this toon hits home. Perhaps it's because I drew it. 

A picturesque illustration of a calm avenue featuring a colorful and quaint building.

For the longest time I’ve had this dream where I am walking down a green hallway. Find myself facing a door with the number 42. Every time I open the door I wake up.

A simplified illustration of a heavenly view.

A calm mystical lake at the eve of dusk.

A simple window with a cafe for a view.