About Me

I consider myself to be straightforward, respectful, timely, and original when it comes to my work. To me, web development is not just a job but a form of art.

Like any artist, I am always working to improve my craft. Whether it be learning a new language, exploring a new framework, picking up a new skill, or even experimenting with a new idea, I always strive to produce the best. You will find that when it comes to my work, I am meticulous in ensuring that every tag, function, and object is simple, and serves a needed purpose.

This comes from years of experience as a web developer, video editor, salesperson, and a startup founder. My multidisciplinary career has allowed me to better grasp the whole picture when it comes to digital production. Knowing when it’s time to give up on pixel perfection in order to meet a deadline or push back to ensure that security and quality are not compromised.

I firmly believe that to produce great work we need to understand who we are and embrace our flaws. Doing so helps us better understand our drive to meet perfection. The truth is, that nothing will ever be perfect, but with the right amount of dedication and discipline, it will be possible to get very close.


  • Drupal, Wordpress, PHP
  • Javascript, Node.js, React


  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • General Branding

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